BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFixed naming.Oliver Dixon11 months
v0.4ash-euses-0.4.tar.gz  Oliver Dixon16 months
v0.3ash-euses-0.3.tar.gz  Oliver Dixon17 months
v0.2ash-euses-0.2.tar.gz  Oliver Dixon17 months
v0.1ash-euses-0.1.tar.gz  Oliver Dixon18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-08Fixed naming.HEADmasterOliver Dixon
2020-08-12MINOR: do not define KEYWORDS in the live ebuild.Oliver Dixon
2020-08-06Added live ebuild: gentoo/*.ebuildOliver Dixon
2020-08-06Allow delimiters in descriptions; ignore comments.Oliver Dixon
2020-07-27Push to v0.4 for submission to Gentoo Portage.v0.4Oliver Dixon
2020-07-17Moved glob(3)-related functions to globbing.{c,h}.Oliver Dixon
2020-07-16Colourise the output by default.Oliver Dixon
2020-07-14Added ARG_GLOBAL_ONLY; improved colouring.Oliver Dixon
2020-07-12Do not use an empty buffer if `-s` is set; TODO.v0.3Oliver Dixon
2020-07-09MINOR: clean buffer with ARG_SEARCH_STRICT.Oliver Dixon